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The word “low-vision” indicates many different upsets, that go from the unfocussed vision to the restriction of the field of view (it is as if you saw through a tube) till the appearance of dark spots. The serious low-vision often represents a passage towards the blindness, both partial and total.


You can come and see with your eyes and evaluate all our products. The prepared, professional and kind staff will be ready to analyse with you your upsets and proposing you the best solution. The best solution for low vision patients in Milan is available at the Swedoptik in Via Maniago 10, we wait for you.


The most modern systems for the evaluation of the optic malfunctions, the optic systems, electronic systems, illuminating engineering, software and diagnostic reading. Avant-garde machineries allow an accurate and perfect diagnosis in order to offer to the low vision patients a definitive and efficient solution.

Solutions for low vision patients in Milan

Services for optics and low-vision

Swedoptik was born in the 80s, the Low-vision Division that offers solutions for low vision patients in Milan, thanks to a partnership with the best Swedish Institutions. In those years, the concept of low-vision and optical rehabilitation of the low vision patient, was practically unknown in Italy but the absolute certainty of the importance of the subject and the goodness of the possible solutions, gave to the Doctor Piana the necessary impulse to deal with this path, contributing to form not only professional people but also a social conscience that is by now a patrimony for everybody.

The most recent studies show that in the last years the low vision patient have passed from 2% to 3% of the world population, percentage that is destined to raise because of the growth of the average age of the population.

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It takes care of your eyes

The first aim of Swedoptic is the improvement of the life quality of low vision patient through the rescue of their own independence and activity, especially in the school or working age. In this field the company has always developed an important educative and formative function, thanks to the Swedish experience and technology in the planning and building of aids, joined to the Swedish experimented rehabilitation technique - among the best ones in the world – with more than 25 years of successes.

Today Swedoptik is synonymous of complete low-vision all over the world and it is perhaps the only company that deals directly, in the laboratories and in the workshops in Milan, with the direct planning and production of optical, electronic and postural instruments.

The mastery of the optic, of the electronic and of the mechanic of precision have always been a patrimony for the Company. Having the possibility to follow directly the project and the realization of an aid in all the phases of the production allows to take advantage of the technologic progress in real time, to solve promptly any problem and to meet the customers’ needs, creating ad hoc helps.



The fundamental causes of the low-vision

The low vision patients can belong, according to their optical handicap, to four groups: people with central scotomas (for example senile speckled deterioration), people with serious difficulties in the control of the movement of the eyes (for example nystagmus), people with limited peripheral vision, but with a partially preserved central vision (for example glaucoma), people with secondary amblyopia with refracted deficiencies and diabetic retina deficiency.
The most frequent illnesses are the senile speckled deterioration, the diabetes, the glaucoma, the inoperable cataract and the traumas. Swedoptic offers innovative solutions and puts at your disposal qualified personnel in order to solve your problems in the best way.



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To get further information about the products and the services, it is possible to send a mail to info@swedoptik.it or fill in the contact form. You will be called back as soon as possible by our staff.


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