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Dearest Customers,
we’d first like to thank you for the trust placed in us over the years.

Our customers’ trust and consideration testify our commitment and passion for the work we have been carrying out for more than 20 years. We consider our job a kind of “social service” duty we implement through the widespread diffusion of the Swedish School’s Low Vision concept, as we have learned it: to restore dignity and an optimal life quality for those who have lost -or never had -a residual vision enough to currently perform their daily tasks.

Long gone are the years when we held the first classes on Low Vision, strongly promoted and carried out by Eng. Quintino Piana, one of the Italian low vision pioneers. In the 80s, the concept of Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation of the visually-impaired patients was virtually unknown in Italy. However, Eng. Piana’s absolute belief in the importance of the issue and the excellence of the possible solutions, prompted him to start this innovative project, contributing not only to train professionals but also to promote a social awareness that today constitutes our common heritage.

We can proudly say that we were the first to embrace such an exciting challenge! We spent several years looking for the best experts in the international arena with whom we could discuss new ideas and plans, testing the best tools available on the market, assessing eventually the opportunity to create our own production lines.

SwedOptik is the leader company in the production of medical filters and optical aids like aplanatic, galileian and keplerian prismatic hyper-corrective glasses.
The experience that we have reached over the years allows us to solve complex situations, creating ad hoc aids for any visual need.

We serve more than 6.000 customers in Italy and we distribute our products all over Europe and overseas, we cooperate with the best Italian hospitals and research centres, both public or private, Italian or foreign ones. We have been specialists for the low vision patients for more than 20 years. 

Our ultimate goal is the complete customer’s satisfaction we are able to achieve through our daily commitment to provide top quality products and performances, a constant monitoring of the market in search of new and more effective systems, reliability, courtesy and professional expertise.