SKUDO MULTIFILTERS - More references to the therapeutic use  of tinted lenses  

Tinted lenses, specifically designed to combat visual-perceptual problems are another 'technique' that comes from an experience-based approach. The Irlen technique is a worldwide technique of assessing, fitting out and producing these lenses (which they refer to as Irlen Filters). Another technique being used by some specialists in the area of ophthalmology (the study of visual-perception) is the color-imitor technique. Both of these techniques use tinted lenses, or filters, to filter out certain light frequencies in order to reduce information overload through the eyes. Assessment for the correct tints within the Irlen Method involves looking through tinted lenses (through which one may look at the page or around at the environment or faces) and may be a more precise method of assessing when a tint is effective. The Color-imitor technique is primarily designed to deal with problems with the printed page and involves the shining of a colored light onto the printed page to assess which tint may be appropriate for lenses - a method which may be questionable in its accuracy. By reducing visual overload the brain can better process for meaning what the eyes see. These lenses can also have a secondary effect of reducing hypersensitivity to bright light and also in helping to reduce some of the 'interference' (the visual-perceptual equivalent of 'white noise') that can happen with visual hypersensitivity and visual-perceptual problems.

One of the other benefits of these tinted lenses, or 'filters', is that they may also improve functioning in other Systems, such as processing for meaning, what is heard or
tasted or smelled or improving tactile processing and processing of body messages. This is because it is sometimes the case that other systems are forced to compensate for an overloaded system.

Because visual processing counts for around 70 per cent of all information processing, if it is overloaded, the effects upon these other systems can be quite extreme. When the burden upon visual processing is removed the burden on these other systems may also be lessened quite significantly In other cases,
where compensation by other systems has not occurred, impairments in those other systems might remain independent and fundamentally unaffected.

Now you can have the most comfortable filter to wear for all of your office and indoor tasks.

SKUDO MULTIFILTERS  lenses are UV safe. They reduce glare, eye strain and visual haze by attenuating those light frequencies most annoying to the eye. The five tints are cosmetically attractive, light shades that increase an individual's functionality and visual comfort.

SKUDO MULTIFILTERS lenses are a revolutionary new filters system that promote visual synchronization between the eye's pointing system and the eye's information gathering system.

A study by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety shows that nearly 90% of employees who work with computers for more than 3 hours a day suffer from some form of eye trouble. Laboratory and office environment testing have proven that the filter system increases comprehension, reading speed and
reduces eye strain and reading errors.

The different SKUDO MULTIFILTERS either slow down or speed up the visual system to allow the eye to point more efficiently and the visual information that is gathered to be transported to the processing areas of the brain. When the pointing and information visual systems are in synchronization, visual stress is minimized and proper visual processing functionality occurs.

One of the indicators for a visual system at rest is a normal blink rate. This allows lubricating oils and enzymes produced by the glands that line the eyelid to be released, thus easing eye strain.

When computer users sit in front of a screen for an extended periods, they blink less causing eye moisture to evaporate. The result is a condition called ‘dry eyes’ which
manifests itself in numerous ways including itching, burning, heavy, blurry, gritty or fatigued sensations, double vision and color fringes. Often those suffering from dry eyes will begin to arch their forehead as they strain to see more comfortably and end up with headaches from the unnatural position.

SKUDO MULTIFILTERS can reduce eye strain caused by:
• Computers
• Office work
• Reading
•Fluorescent lights

If you are tired to arrive in the evening after hours of office and feel the full weight of your working day even on your eyes or the interior lights of shopping malls annoying you, Skudo Indoor filters help to relieve the discomfort accumulated during long exposition to indoors lights.

Recent studies have demonstrated that exposure to UV and blue light contributes to determining macular degeneration, one of the major causes of blindness after age 50. We believe it is prudent therefore to protect our eyes with specific absorpion glasses, to reduce the risks related to exposure, when it is particularly long.

Skudo Multifilters, thanks to the best technology, reduce significantly the discomfort caused by exposure to short wavelength and are the best way to protect our eyes from fluorescent lights. Now we can finally have the most confortable filter to wear in the office and in the various indoor activities. Skudo ™ Indoor filters protect
against UV rays, reduce glare, eyestrain and blurred vision, reducing the frequencies of the most damaging light.

Skudo Indoor filters are available in 5 colors, aesthetically, soft and pleasing, that enhance individual capabilities and visual comfort.

SKUDO DRIVE: Filter dedicated to driving in low light conditions, glare, rain and fog. Optimize contrast and protect against annoying light coming from other vehicles.

SKUDO PC & TABLET: This is the ideal filter for those who use computer & tablet for a long time. It protects against the annoying and fatiguing light emissions coming from PC screens, improving performance.

SKUDO MIGRAINE: a simple and effective remedy to mitigate and reduce the frequency of migraines associated with photophobia that arise or worsen with
prolonged exposure to artificial light.

SKUDO INDOOR LIGHT: Indispensable for those who are exposed to fluorescent lights for a long time. the filter blocks harmful UV radiation, reduces glare, ocular fatigue and blurred vision. Light color. It does not significantly modify the perception of color and is aesthetically pleasing (standard protection).

SKUDO INDOOR DARK: Ideal for photosensitive subjects or for those who recently underwent cataract surgery. Blue blocker filters are an effective method of protection against macular degeneration. More intense color. It does not significantly modify the perception of color and is aesthetically pleasing (high protection)