Low vision corrective systems

The best corrective system for the low vision

Legit Aplanat™

Legit Aplanat is a monocular aplanatic system highly recommended for medium to high enlargement prescriptions.
The system consists of a two positive convex flat lenses. Aplanatic system have long been used in measuring
systems, as illuminating lenses, given their capability to diffuse light evenly over the lens surface, guaranteeing
an even and high quality image, free of peripheral aberrations.The two lenses are set on a tubular support in
polycarbonate and the flat surfaces of the lenses are turned outward. It is well known, in fact, that the closer one
gets to the object, the more important it is that the lens surface be as flat as possible. The aplanatic is the only
optical system today for low vision patients that combines a high level of enlargement and a wide visual field.
Available from 2 to 15 magnification time.

Assembly of the system is extremely simple. Along with the aid, a 70mm support lens with a hole in the middle is supplied. For edging a centrally closing disc, which must be fastened to both surfaces with a special tape, is supplied. Once the lens is molded and the disc removed, the system must be pressed on, taking great care to keep it as close to the eye as possible, so as to increase the visual field.

The great advantage of Legit Aplanat is that it offers the most freedom in frame choice.The only requirement is the diameter of the system. There must be at least 20mm of space between the frame and the center

of the aid, and the esthetic result will be unexceptionable

Legit Twin™

SWEDOPTIK, long time leader in research and development of optical systems for low vision patients has
created a new aplanatic and achromatic aid. The use of appropriate geometrics along with a choice of two different lenses of various mineral glass of the finest quality guarantees excellent image quality.

The system consist of a 26mm diameter lenses with a support lens made of organic/natural material. Compared with
the 36mm diameter traditional aplanatic system, the loss of visual field is reduced to only 3 letters( based on 6x)
The esthetic aspect is the best in its category and the optical quality is comparable to that of an aplanatic system.

To summarize Legit Twin’s characteristics:
❑ Aplanatic and achromatic system, thanks to the use of special glass
❑ Break resistant thanks to chemical and thermal treatment
❑ Multi-level anti-reflection treatment
❑ Thin, thank to a central thickness ranging from:
     – between 3.8mm for 2x (as opposed to the traditional aplanatic system’s 9)
     – and 5.85mm for 6x (as opposed to the traditional aplanatic system’s 12)

Swedoptik, synonymous with Tailor Made Solution, offers Legit Twin with a possible diopter correction of up to
sf +24 and cyl –4.00 (sum total patient’s correction and the enlarging power). Soon to be available up to 8x

Legit Mono™ 

Legit Mono is a monocular hypercorrective solution for the patient who favors the aid’s purely esthetic aspect. Quite often, in fact, monocular system like Legit Aplanat are rejected for esthetic reasons. Legit Mono is an ideal solution in that the aid allows for enlargements up to 6x.

It can be personalized with the patient prescription and, if necessary, with additional treatments such as controlled nanometer treatment “skudo Coat”, and multilayer anti-reflection and anti-scrath treatment "Emerald". Aid comes with titanium or acetate frame.The opposite lens is supplied as plano lens.

Patients may also choose a frosted lens of equal weight.

Legit Bino 

Legit Bino are hypercorrective prismatic eyeglasses that allow the low vision patient to read at small distance, enlarging
the image at the retinal level with minimal effort. In fact, thanks to the use of internal base prisms, Legit Bino can achieve
high visual performance. The use of high index lenses along with carefull attention to frame design, in acetate or titanium ,
with flexible templars, makes Legit Bino the most discreet low vision aid on the market. Also available with Emerald,
multilayer anti-reflection and anti-scratch treatment, and Skudo coat controlled nanometer treatment. ,
Legit Bino may be customized on the patient’s correction needs.

Legit Galileo Wide™ 

Legit Galieo Wide is a new Galileian system with a wide visual field. in fact its 24 visual field make it suitable for dynamic activities and for watching television.

Legit Galileo began as a system for looking out at a distance, but thanks to its special
additional reading cups, it is suitable for observation ranging from infinity and 63mm with enlargement capability up to 7.2x. 

The reading cups are very easy to insert thanks to a lock-in system. They are available from +0.50 to +16.00. The system may be personalized very easily thanks to special adaptor mrings in which the compensation lens is inserted. Assembly requires the use of support lenses, built to house the ring of the dioptre compensation lens without allowing it to stick out and create discomfort.

For greater enlargements, we also offer Legit Galileo 2.1x( 20° vision field) and 2.5x( 16° vision field) wich allows
enlargements up to 10x thanks to reading cup. All these systems can always be personalized and require the same reading cup and assembly requirements..

Legit Freedom™ 

Legit Freedom is a pratical and esthetic hypercorrective solution. The advanced technology used for Legit Freedom
allows for high power bifocal lenses with the opportunity for cilinder and/or prismatic corrections which can vary in the
various parts of the lens. The use of such technology allows the Reahbilitation director to created tailor made
solutions for patients.

Type of Legit Freedom
Various types of Legit Freedom are available. In addition, one may choose from lenses not listed in the catalogue, as
long as they are suitable.

Mirage – Mono/Binocular Keplerian System

The wide visual field of this help, together with its use practicality (the elastic adjustable lace lets the hands free after having worn it) solves, thanks to its gradient power, requests like the vision of the TV and the cinema and the theatre.

Available powers

  • 4x20
  • 5,5x25
  • 7x30

Ocutech Ves 

Telescopic Keplerian horizontal system

Ocutech Ves is a complete monocular horizontal Keplerian system of frames in acetate and metal. The focusing is regulated by a caster at the centre of the telescopic body. Wide angular field and light and discrete aesthetic, provided with a leather case.


This aid is really functional to watch the TV..

The optic elements of SEE TV have been created for a three metre distance with enlargement 2X. Sitting in front of the TV at the desired distance and wearing the SEE TV glasses, adjusting focus moving the two screws.

Legit Medical™ 

Prismatic glasses for the supine position
Suitable glass for the people who read or watch TV laying on the bed. The prisms and the mirrors in the glass offer a clean vision without the necessity of particular postures.

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