Medical filters

Skudo coat controlled manometer medical filters lenses 

In addition to visible light, our eyes come into contact with infrared and ultraviolet rays. Although they may not provoke a physical sensation, they pose a danger
to the eye itself. Ultraviolet rays in particular, even though they are short wave rays, are high in energy and may therefore cause photo-oxidizing stress with the following possible consequences: cataracts, conjunctivitis and a worsening of retinal pathologies. Blue light from ultraviolet rays also reduces contrast perception, causing reduced visual sharpness, greater photosensivity to intense light and glares, as well as prolonged adaption time. The use of Skudo coat treatmen and medicated filtering lenses can remedy these problems thanks to the "cutting" of the light's blue component. When used with polarization, available in two versions, Pola Light 65% and Pola Dark 85%, visual performance in outdoor areas is increased with great comfort to the low vision patient.

Skudo Coat treatment can be done on:

  • Plano filters base 6 and base 8
  • Polarized plano filters base 6 and base 8
  • Infinity – mono focal polarized or light-sensitive ophthalmic lenses 
  • Infinity – bi-focal polarized or light-sensitive ophthalmic lenses 
  • Infinity – progressive polarized and light-sensitive ophthalmic lenses
  • Freedom ophthalmic lenses
  • Clip-on

For optimizing the results, we suggest to treat entirely the lenses with Emerald (anti-reflex + anti-scratch). After the anti-reflex treatment, some small changes of the absorption spectre can happen, that however don’t modify the protective features. For the most important retinoic pathologies, the following filters are suggested:

Skudo Frame TM protective frames

Skudo Frame is an enveloping and protective frame, ideal for the photophobic patients. Available as fit over or as a standard frame where you can put plano filters or graduated lenses.


Opticlip is a clip-on that can be personalized on any acetate, nylon or metal frame. It is easy to assemble it, very practical and manageable, aesthetical and light frame.
Opticlip is available in the following versions:

  • Classic and multiform (clip on fixed)
  • Overturnable

To get further information about the filter systems for the low-vision, contact us.